Multi-currency Cash Passport™


Cash Passport is How Money Should Travel.

It's the clever alternative to pockets full of cash, traveller cheques or your debit card when you're away. Use your Cash Passport like you would a credit or debit card, except with your own prepaid funds, in-store, online or to withdraw money from cash machines while away.

Load up to 10 currencies on a single card.

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10 currencies, one Card

Travel with confidence

Load up to 10 different currencies on your Thomas Cook Multi-currency Cash Passport.

Whether you are travelling overseas or shopping online, pay in foreign currencies to avoid exchange costs.

Available currencies include: Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), South African Rand (ZAR), Turkish Lira (TRY), Swiss Franc (CHF), United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) and Great British Pounds (GBP).

Get your Multi-currency Cash Passport Card

Lock in exchange rates

Know exactly how much you have to spend

Get a fixed exchange rate each time you load your Card or move money between currencies.

Locking in the value on the day of load (or reload) could help you to avoid exchange rate fluctuations, and will make it easier to focus on enjoying your holiday or grabbing a bargain online from overseas retailers.

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Top up your Cash Passport

Your Thomas Cook Multi-currency Cash Passport is easily reloadable, all loads/reloads are subject to the limits set out in the Fees and Limits table below.

Click to reload online

Online reload limits (across all Currencies on the Card):

  • In one day: GB£5,000
  • Within 7 days: GB£15,000
  • Within 60 days: GB£30,000
  • Name and UK address of payment card must match the registered Multi-currency Cash Passport cardholder.


Reload via phone (0800 056 0572)

 Telephone reload limits (across all Currencies on the Card):

  • In one day: GB£750
  • Within 60 days: GB£1,500

Payments will only be accepted from bank accounts in the name of the registered Multi-currency Cash Passport cardholder.

Reload via the mobile app

Mobile app reload limits (across all Currencies on the Card):

  • In one day: GB£250

Please note we cannot accept reloads from third parties.

Reload via Bank Transfer

You can also reload your Thomas Cook Multi-currency Cash Passport via phone or internet banking.

Please ensure you login to My Account to define your default currency (the currency your bank transfer will be deposited to).

  • Bank details beneficiary/payee: Mastercard Prepaid
  • Sort code: 20-32-53
  • Account number: 63807568
  • Reference: Your 16 digit Card number (on the front of your Card)
  • Amount: Maximum of GB£5,000 in one bank transfer but your total Card Fund balance at any one time (including all Currencies) may not exceed GB£5,000.

Please note we will only accept payments from bank accounts in the same name as the Multi-currency Cash Passport cardholder. We are currently unable to accept payments from Egg or Intelligent Finance.

Manage your Card online using 'My Account'

Login to My Account

Register for My Account to top up your Card, view your available balance, transfer between currencies, track your spending, manage your personal details, reveal your PIN and more.


Fees & Limits - Multi-currency Cash Passport

We're not hiding anything, see for yourself!

Fees Fee Amount Explanation
Card fee Free No charge for getting a Card
Loading money 2% Charged only when you load money into your GBP wallet. Like a commission fee
Using your Card Free Free to use at merchants (e.g. shops and restaurants). Some merchants may charge their own fee
Needing help Free Call our Card Services team for free. There are even some free phone numbers to call when you are abroad.
Replacement Card Free Free service to send you a new Card whilst you are away if your Card is lost, stolen or damaged.
Mobile App Free Download for free. Whilst away, do be aware of roaming charges
Inactivity fee £2 Only charged after a 15-month period of you not using your Card for transactions, to reload or cash out. No balance, no fee
Foreign exchange fee 5.75% Fee charged if using your Card for a currency not on your Card or if you don't have enough balance in the local currency and the rest is taken from another currency wallet
Currency transfer fee Foreign exchange rate applies, varies each day Charged when transferring money between wallets
Shortfall fee £10, €15, US$15, AU$20, CA$20, NZ$25, ZAR140, TRY36, CHF15, AED62 Charged if a payment takes your balance below zero
Cash over the counter fee £4, €4.70, US$6.20, AU$6, CA$6.40, NZ$8, ZAR50, TRY14.50, CHF6, AED25 Charged when withdrawing cash from a bank (for example). The bank may charge an additional fee
Cash machine withdrawals £1.50, €1.75, US$2.50, AU$2.30, CA$2.40, NZ$3, ZAR20, TRY5.40, CHF2.20, AED8 Flat rate fee charged when withdrawing from a cash machine. Some operators may also charge a fee
Cash out via Card Services £6 Cancelling your Card


For your security there are some limits placed on your Card.

Limits Amount
Minimum amount you can load or reload £50
Maximum amount you can withdraw in 24 hours over the counter, i.e. at a bank £150*
Maximum you can withdraw from a cash machine in 24 hours £500*
Maximum amount you can spend at merchants in 24 hours £3,000*
The most you can have on your Card at any one time  £5,000
Maximum amount you can load in total in a 12-month period £30,000
Maximum number of active accounts you may hold at any one time 1
Card life see Card for expiry date

*some operators or merchants may set their own limits